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Elevation Profile

Elevation Profile for the Schweizmobil 'Reiatweg' (902) trail
Source1: Bundesamt für Landestopografie; Drawn with

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Short Description

‘Reiatweg’ (“Tour of the Reiat Region”) may not be able to claim to lead to the northernmost point of Switzerland (that honor belongs to Randenweg (901 – coming soon), but it does lead through the northernmost populated area of Switzerland: Egghof, a small vinyard.

The route leads through the Reiat region, characterized by its wavy landscape checkered with fields, and along the border to Germany with views of the Hegau region, characterized by its… wavy landscape checkered with fields and two inactive volcanoes.


  • There is no real public parking space in the whole region, to my knowledge, so public transport may be preferable. (Apart from the parking zone at the train station.)


This was probably the first walk long enough to be called a hike that my wife Jenny and I have done in a long time.

For her, it’s since she used to go on multi day winter horse hiking treks (whoa) as a young adult some years ago.

For me it’s since I went on short (<5h) mountain hikes with family as a child.

Having finally moved out of the city and into the countryside, we started regularly doing longer and longer walks until we tried some real hikes, this being the first one.

And it was love at second sight! I really don’t know why we didn’t go hiking in such a long time, or why I didn’t enjoy it much as a kid and young adult, but trying it again, we both fell in love with the activity.

View along the way

Enough precursor, on to the hike in question.

Reiatweg proved to be what we expected: A long walk through pleasantly hilly fields, forests, and charming small villages.

I could make up some spectacularly enthusiastic hyperbole, but that’s not my style. It was nice, and it led to bigger things 🙂

I love this hill. Don’t ask me why.

I’d do it again with someone who can’t do mountain tours, and I’d recommend it for that purpose, or for when the weather isn’t right in the mountains. From late autumn to late spring, for example.

Would you like to share your own experiences with this hike? Do you have any questions? Something to add? Feel free to leave a comment below 🙂

Route Report / Gallery

Full size images without watermarks are available for licensing to interested parties. Check for a selection of my favorites, or contact me for details.


Don’t miss a hike 🙂

Basic Data

Date of Hike:2018-08-11
Participants:Roman, Jenny
Technical Difficulty:T1: Easy


Net Hours (Est.)5
Net Hours (Act.)4.5
Ascent (m)560
Descent (m)560
Max. Alt. (m)685
Cable Car?No
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