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Elevation Profile

Elevation Profile of the 'Roggenstock T3+' trail
Source1: Bundesamt für Landestopografie; Drawn with

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Short Description

In this custom route out of Oberiberg, we hike up Roggenstock peak from the West, then down the unmarked, roughly T3+ difficulty path in the east.

During the ascent we get to enjoy typical inner Switzerland alp farm landscapes, as well as views of Mythen and a portion of the Alps.

On the way back down we pass through Tubenmoos moor, which stands out with its lovely red grass.


  • The safer, T2 path from the peak would be going back down the way you came and then turning eastward at the fork.


This trip was a sentimental one for me. When I was a kid, my family would often visit Oberiberg, both in summer and winter (don’t ask me why this specific town). So I had been to the top of Roggenstock often, but not in around 20 years.

The wife and I decided to risk tainting those memories with harsh impressions of reality and set off for a short hike up and down the Mountain in a custom circular route.

View during the ascent.

One of the reasons we decided to go here today was that it was one of the very few regions of Switzerland with a sunny forecast. Well, the sun would show up eventually, but first, the clouds hanging over the mountainside forests would gift us with magical views of the sun’s rays piercing through the cloudy treetops.

Good start.

Mount Mythen, as seen from the ascent to Roggenstock.

Once past the charming alp farms, the route offered lots of great views of Mythen and the alps in the distance for the duration of the ascent through meadows and hills.

View from the top.

At the top, meanwhile, we enjoyed a 360° panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and alps in the distant south.

We also enjoyed the sound of drones and having to be careful not to step on anyone’s feet. You could think there was a Rammstein concert up here later in the day.

Our choice of unmarked path down from the peak seemed to be popular as well, though I really wouldn’t recommend it if you’re not used to unsecured, steep, slippery, sandy, fine gravel paths and are wearing the correct shoes for it.

Some people slipped, and though nothing bad happened, I don’t think it was an enjoyable experience.

Photograph of Roggenstock montain taken from Tubenmoos moor through the long orange moor grass.
Decent effort of capturing Roggenstock through the red grass and against the sun, I think.

Once at the foot of Roggenstock and slightly more relaxed, we could enjoy the lovely landscapes on the way back. We especially liked Tubenmoos moor with its red(ish) grass.

So, have my childhood memories been tarnished? Luckily, no. Roggenstock makes for a great, short mountain peak hike with a good selection of varied views along the way.

I’d like to call it an insider tip, but, well, judging from the situation at the peak it’s a pretty well known one.

Would you like to share your own experiences with this hike? Do you have any questions? Something to add? Feel free to leave a comment below 🙂

Route Report / Gallery

Full size images without watermarks are available for licensing to interested parties. Check for a selection of my favorites, or contact me for details.

  • Swiss farm house on a grassy hill with a cloudy backdrop, the sun trying to push through (Oberiberg, Switzerland)
  • Cows standing on a grassy hill in front of a cloudy mountain forest with beams of light pushing throgh the trees.
  • Adlerhorst Restaurant near Roggenstock, Oberiberg, Switzerland.
  • Oberiberg village as seen from the trail up to Roggenstock.
  • Mount Mythen, as seen from the ascent to Roggenstock.
  • View from the top of Roggenstock: Oberiberg.
  • View from the top of Roggenstock: Mythen, cloud sea, and the Alps
  • Tubenmoos moor, near Oberiberg, Switzerland
  • Photograph of Roggenstock montain taken from Tubenmoos moor through the long orange moor grass.


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Basic Data

Date of Hike:2021-10-10
Participants:Roman, Jenny
Technical Difficulty:T3+: Difficult Mountain Trail (Partially)


Net Hours (Est.)3.2
Net Hours (Act.)2.9
Ascent (m)695
Descent (m)695
Max. Alt. (m)1777
Cable Car?No
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