Thumbnail for the map of the Schweizmobil 'Spittelmatte Trail' (149) snowshoe hiking trail, opens link to interactive web map.

Elevation Profile

Elevation profile of the Schweizmobil 'Spittelmatte Trail' (149) snowshoe hiking trail, opens link to interactive web map.
Source1: Bundesamt für Landestopografie; Drawn with
Route Source
Bus Stop
Free Parking
Cable Car

Short Description

The ‘Parcours Robella-Chasseron’ trail leads from the cable car station near Buttes, Fribourg, to the top of Le Chasseron mountain, and back down on the same trail, crossing the border between the cantons Fribourg and Vaud along the way.

From the peak, there is a panoramic view of Fribourg, Vaud, and the alps to be enjoyed.


  • The route can be extended by skipping the cable car, but check snow levels in the valley first.
  • The cable car seats are tiny, and won’t comfortably seat two people with backpacks and gear. The staff is happy to send your things on the next car behind you though, if you ask them to.
  • If you schlep skis to the top, you could ski all the way down (on prepared pistes near the trail) instead of walking back.
  • Much of the trail is shared with the aforementioned pistes, but there aren’t (or weren’t) many skiers.


The Jurassian mountain range is seldom plagued by avalanche risk, as opposed to the alps, where the long awaited fresh snowfall had elevated the risk too high for any of the other trails on our wish list. This was one of two reasons we chose this trail for today, the other being to take pictures of it to be featured on

View during the ascent

Well, at least I hope they will be, because photographing against the sun isn’t exactly ideal, and being inexperienced with these conditions, I didn’t always adjust for the lighting quite well enough.

Lovely view of the alps that just didn’t turn out quite the way it was intended.

Anyway, back to the trail. The landscapes are lovely, and the views from the top fantastic.

View from the top.

They compensate for most of the trail running along ski pistes, detracting from the semi-adventurous, semi-wilderness atmosphere that often enchants snowshoe hikers.

View from the top.

They also compensate for taking the same track back. I don’t know about you, but I’m just not particularly fond of backtracking.

View during the descent.

Nevertheless, it was a lovely day in a lovely region and we’d recommend the trail at least for those days where there seems to be a high avalanche risk in the alps.

Would you like to share your own experiences with this hike? Do you have any questions? Something to add? Feel free to leave a comment below 🙂

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  • The alps, as seen through the trees during the ascent of the Robella_chasseron snowshoe trail in Switzerland.


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Basic Data

Date of Hike:2022-02-12
Participants:Roman, Jenny
Technical Difficulty:T1: Easy


Net Hours (Est.)4
Net Hours (Act.)3
Ascent (m)440
Descent (m)440
Max. Alt. (m)1606
Cable Car?Yes
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