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Why Should you subscribe?

Ideally, it’s because you enjoy my content and don’t want to miss anything. (And if you don’t enjoy my content, what exactly are you doing on this page?)

Here’s what you DON’T get if you subscribe to my Newsletter:

  • Spam.
  • Your address and info sold to the highest bidder.
  • Some BS “Free Cheat Sheet” or “Free Master Class” (Value: $999) that you’ll never look at and I’ll hate myself for creating as a reward for growing my E-Mail list.
  • A promise of exclusive, but half-assed content.

Here’s what you DO get if you subscribe to my Newsletter:

  • Notified of new posts so you don’t miss anything.
  • The odd tidbit about the circumstances of a hike that didn’t make it into the post.
  • A Christmas card.
  • Possibly some editorials.

If that sounds like added value to you, feel free to subscribe :-)

Other Outlets

As you may know, I try to go on roughly a hike a week, weather permitting, after which I post the full hike report with my impressions, full image gallery, and useful info and links pertaining to the hike here on

As you may not know, I also post to various social media outlets. The type and volume of content shared differs on each one.


While I post all (usable) pictures of each hike here to give you as good an impression of what to expect from the trail as I can, I only post my favorite pictures on Instagram along with a short description of the circumstances. Sometimes none of the photos from a given hike makes it into my favorites.


Much like Instagram, except I only post my very very favorite pictures to Flickr.

See for yourself:


Much like my Newsletter, but much less reliably so, following me on Twitter will/may notify you of new posts of mine, as well as occasionally pester you with the odd short thought.


As you might guess, some of my longer and better videos will make it onto my youtube channel:


Finally, my contributions to Reddit tend to be on the random and erratic side, not in the least due to the varying rulesets of different subreddits. I may post some favorite photos and videos here and there, ask for critiques of pictures I’m not sure about, or be having an internet argument with a random stranger about an inconsequential topic.

I’m also not quite sue what the point is of following someone on reddit, but hey, if you get it, feel free: